Tasmania's Tarkine & Cradle Mountain Explorer

05/22/2023 through 06/13/2024
05/22/2023 through 06/16/2024
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Tasmania’s Tarkine & Cradle Mountain Explorer

The dramatic, natural beauty of north west Tasmania awaits on this 5-day discovery tour. Make a loop from the historic city of Launceston, up along the coast and then back inland, passing though seaside towns, ancient rainforest and Aboriginal heritage sites along the way. Hike the coastal trails of Narawntapu and Rocky Cape national parks, explore the richness of the Tarkine and take in sweeping ocean views from clifftop lookouts. In between sightseeing, sample the best flavours of the region, from whiskey to chocolate truffles, with visits to locally owned shops on the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail.


  • North Coast – Visit to Penguin Village
  • North Coast – Narawntapu National Park
  • North Coast – Lunch at Spreyton Cider Company
  • Stanley – The Nut
  • North Coast – Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail
  • The Tarkine – Trowutta Arch
  • The Tarkine – Lake Chisholm Sinkhole
  • The Tarkine – Edge of the World
  • Waratah – Philosopher Falls
  • North Coast – Rocky Cape National Park
  • North Coast – Boat Harbour Beach
  • Waratah – Hellyer Gorge
  • Corinna – Hiking in Corinna
  • North Coast – Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail
  • Cradle Mountain National Park – Park Visit & Hikes
  • Sheffield – Murals Trail
  • North Coast – Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail


  • Discover the natural beauty of Tasmania’s untamed Cradle Coast, from the ancient landscapes of Rocky Cape National Park to the seemingly endless stretch of ocean at the Edge of the World.
  • Explore the country’s oldest temperate rainforest with a visit to the Tarkine, home to unique species that have evolved over hundreds of millions of years and are a living connection to the Gondwana supercontinent.
  • Learn about the rich Aboriginal heritage and spiritual connections of Tasmania’s northern landmarks and national parklands.
  • Unplug and unwind with an overnight stay in a remote, rural community that was a booming mining town during the 1870s goldrush.
  • Indulge in delicacies like locally made ice cream and cider as you sample a variety of treats along Tasmania’s famed Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail.


Day 1 Launceston / Stanley / North-West Coast
Day 2 The Tarkine / North-West Coast
Day 3 North Coast / Corinna
Day 4 Corinna / North Coast / Devonport
Day 5 Cradle Mountain National Park / Launceston

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